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There are 10 quality checks before our products are served to customers.

Our meat undergoes approximately 10 examinations between the producers and consumers. Sanitary and pesticide residue checks are held, not only on the producer end, but also at the processing and distribution centers. They are examined again when they arrive at restaurants by meat professionals. Vegetables are checked in a similar manner, and we only use produce that meets our safety standards.

External checks extend from the cutting board to the finger tips.

Sanitary and quality maintenance within our restaurants present the biggest hurdle yet. Not only do our staff keep out a close eye, but we have external examinations one every 2 months, and examiners check everything from the ingredients and kitchens to the cleanliness of our employees’ fingertips. Moreover, the internal quality headquarters holds examinations once every 3 months. We are strict on ourselves because every one of us keep in mind that we have our customers’ life in our hands.

We will not proceed until we ask customers about their allergies.

Yakiniku and shabu-shabu are simple dishes, but side dishes and condiments add to create a wide array of foods that we provide. For the safety of our customers, we always ask if they are allergic to any food. By request, we can also present a list of allergy-prone foods. As proof that we are serious about this, we have created a system in which it is impossible to order unless the allergy check is performed first. This is all for the safe dining of our customers.

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