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President Message

President and CEO Jun Takahashi

To our customers, thank you for visiting our restaurant. And to our partner companies, I want to extend my everlasting gratitude.

Our theme for 2014 was “jump,” and we brushed up on the strategies we created in 2013 to keep on moving forward.

One of those steps was our 100th restaurant, a shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat establishment named “Kinno Buta PREMIUM” in the basement floor of the Nikko Hotel in Shinsaibashi.

Since 2006, we have incorporated all-you-can-eat into both yakiniku and shabu-shabu. However, the value we want to provide is not to have people eat as much as they can at a low price, but to maintain quality in our menu, service, and atmosphere, and thereby have customers enjoy 2 hours of food and laughter with the people they love.

Our 100th restaurant, “Kinnno Buta PREMIUM Shinsaibashi,” is focused not on price but on value. This reflects the stance we have maintained since we began, and will be our core as we move forward.

In the field of quick dining, we created “OneCal Shokudo Yamato-Koriyama,” an all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant that uses the know-how we cultivated through “One Calbi.”

We believe these endeavors have been successful thanks to the tremendous support from our customers and business partners, so we extend our everlasting gratitude.

However, the dining industry is currently facing the crisis of higher taxes, rise in cost of ingredients, and lack of manpower, so the outlook is not necessarily bright. Meanwhile our mission, which is to provide delicious dishes to our customers and have them enjoy 2 hours of bliss at our restaurant, remains the same.

Our theme this coming year is to “challenge.” Because our circumstances are not the best, it is essential as a company, as a restaurant, and as individuals to aim towards providing true value to our customers.

President and CEO Jun Takahashi
January 1, 2015
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