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Chairman and Executive Director, Kenji Takahashi
Taking our identity as a meat specialty shop to the next stage.

One Dining’s predecessor, Dairiki Corporation was established in 1965, and by 1967 we began selling yakiniku ingredients. At the time, it was not mainstream to eat yakiniku in the home, but through trial and error, we found our way to consumers’ hearts and the business quickly expanded.


In 1972, Dairiki Corporation was incorporated, and in 1978 we opened a store in a local shopping area that handles beef, pork, chicken, and hormone meat. In the Heisei era, we opened our first store in the Kanto area in Chiba as well as in Nagoya, expanding our reach. Within the same time frame, we opened a reasonably priced yakiniku restaurant in Osaka, and thereby entered the restaurant business. Later, despite the dining industry undergoing two phase of BSE, we managed to open restaurants both in the city and the suburbs. We also established a shabu-shabu restaurant featuring “Waton Mochibuta.”In October 2008, the culture of Dairiki was transferred to the newly renamed One Dining Corporation.


In 2014, 20 years after entering the dining industry, we have a total of 100 restaurants, and in 2015 will welcome our 50th anniversary since our establishment as a small meat shop. Perhaps due to our humble beginnings, we have always aimed to provide true value to customers, and that may be one factor that led to our rapid expansion. We always try to balance preservation with change. While keeping in touch with the fundamentals that made us strong, we want to keep on evolving. 50 years since we began, we as a company still want to continue providing what customers truly need.

Chairman and Executive Director, Kenji Takahashi
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