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Corporate Development

Jun. 1965 Established “Takahashi Shouten” in Super Ace Shounai.
Apr. 1967 Started handling yakiniku items.
Mar. 1972 Established Dairiki Foods Corporation in Toyonaka City, Osaka with 5,000,000
Apr. 1978 Changed business name to Dairiki (katakana) Foods Corporation.
Sep. 1978 Opened a store handling a variety of meat.
Jun. 1989 Opened the first retail meat shop in the Kanto area in Funabashi City, Chiba.
Mar. 1993 Opened the first yakiniku restaurant in Kita-ku, Osaka City.
Apr. 1993 Commenced “D.O.S. (Dairiki Owners’ System)” in Kishiwada, Hiroda, Suita, Mozu, and Minatogawa.
Jun. 1993 Renamed to “Dairiki Corporation” and moved headquarters to Nishi-ku, Osaka City.
Oct. 1993 Opened first retail store in the Chukyo area in Nagoya City, Aichi.
Feb. 1994 Renovated the old headquarters in Toyonaka City, Osaka to create a training center.
Mar. 1996 Established subsidiary Taberu Corporation to enter the restaurant industry.
Oct. 1996 Opened first restaurant in the Kyoto area with yakiniku restaurant “Aburiya” in Kawara-cho.
Dec. 1998 Opened yakiniku restaurant for families with the first “Aburiya” in Nishi-ku, Kobe City.
Jan. 1999 Completed new headquarters in Nishi-ku, Osaka City.
Jul. 2000 Opened first low-cost yakiniku restaurant “One Calbi” in the outskirts of Sakai City, Osaka.
Opened first meat retail store in the Shikoku region in Imabari City, Ehime.
Nov. 2000 Opened first meat retail store in the Chugoku region in Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima.
Apr. 2002 Opened Japanese cuisine restaurant “Slow Blue Conscious” in Kita-ku, Osaka City.
Opened first restaurant in the Nara region with “One Calbi” in Oshikuma.
Oct. 2004 Annexed Taberu Corporation.
    Opened individual restaurant “Sennichi-mae Yakiniku Kobo Aburiya” in MaxValu Kosaka.
Jun. 2005 Welcomed 40 years since establishment.
All “Aburiya” establishments were renamed “One Calbi.”
Jun. 2006 Opened yakiniku table-order all-you-can-eat restaurant “OneCal PLUS+” in Suminodou.
Aug. 2006 Opened luxury-line yakiniku restaurant “Gyu no Chikara” in Itami Minamino.
Dec. 2006 Opened shabu-shabu table-order all-you-can-eat restaurant “Kinno Buta.”
May 2008 Opened yakiniku table-order all-you-can-eat “Aburiya” in Douyama.
Opened first shabu-shabu table-order all-you-can-eat “Kinno Buta” in the Shiba area in Kusatsu.
Oct. 2008 Changed company name to “One Dining Corporation.”
May 2009 Opened shabu-shabu table-order all-you-can-eat “Kinno Buta” in Hagino City, totaling 60 restaurants.
Sep. 2009 Opened first shabu-shabu table-order all-you-can-eat “Kinno Buta” in the Hyogo region in Okuradani.
Apr. 2010 Opened first shabu-shabu table-order all-you-can-eat “Kinno Buta” in Nishinomiya City, totaling 70 restaurants.
Mar. 2011 Moved office to new headquarters.
Jul. 2011 Opened yakiniku table-order all-you-can-eat “OneCal PLUS+” in Mamoriyama, totaling 80 restaurants.
Apr. 2013 Opened first yakiniku table-order all-you-can-eat restaurant “OneCal PLUS+” in the Kyushu region.
Nov. 2013 Was awarded the “Japan Quality Award (Large Scale Division),” a first in the restaurant industry.
  2013 Opened yakiniku table-order all-you-can-eat “One Calbi” in Himeji City, totaling 90 restaurants.
Apr. 2014 Absorbed Moto Corporation.
Oct. 2014 Opened shabu-shabu table-order all-you-can-eat “Kinno Buta PREMIUM” in Shinsaibashi, totaling 100 restaurants.
Nov. 2014 Opened the first char-grilled yakiniku and steak restaurant “OneCal Shokudo” in Yamatokoriyama.
Mar. 2015 Opened the first urban-style yakiniku table-order buffet “One Calbi PREMIUM” in Nakasu, Fukuoka.
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